Justin Bieber

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♡Justin is the love of my entire life! he's such a hardworking angel and I love him so much its crazy!!! This man deserves the world honestly, He's been through so much and he's had his hard days but he came back stronger than ever and that's something I admire. He's such a sweetheart and the love he has for his fans is beautiful. like I said this man deserves the world and all the happiness in the world ♡

Shawn Mendes

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♡Oh My! where do I even start? Shawn Peter Raul Mendes is the sweetest human on this earth! he's so adorable and his voice is EVERYTHING! When I tell you guys I love this man.. I love him to death. we need to protect him cuz he's a beautiful soul! do y'all see that smile? his smile will be the death of me. All of him songs are amazing BUT plot twist, they are 7384356x better live so if u ever get the chance to see him live then u better go cuz its worth every cent! Going to his concert for the first time and seeing how many people came out to see him was absolutely incredible! he loves his fans so much but we love him more ♡

Harry Styles

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♡My baby harry!!! Literally my husband since 5th grade. He's always been my favorite from one direction and still is! Harry is SUCH a cutie I love his soft baby like ass sooooo much! His music is actually so beautiful, its so different but its so him... if that made any sense?!?!?! He's HUSBAND MATERIAL AF! he's such a gentleman and I LOVE that about him like WOW he can also be too goofy and he's just great! I swearrrrr. I can't wait to see him again ♡


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♡first off, if you don't know who prettymuch is than bitch wtf! They are the sexiest band rn and I love them lots! getting to watch them grow was the best thing ever! They all love and interact with their supporters on the daily and thats something I love about them! A BAND THAT SINGS AND DANCES? YES PLEASE! Each of the boys have their own personalities and are very different and you notice that right away. Brandon, Zion, Austin, Edwin, and Nick are all sweet and I love them so very much! They have their first single out right now "Would You Mind" please check them out! you'll love them!♡

Wesley Tucker

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♡LOOK AT THAT SMILEEE!! wes wes wesssss my babyyy! Hes so adorable! ok but seriously Wesley has the BIGGEST heart, I repeat Wesley has the BIGGEST heart! and thats what made me fall in LOVE with him. he tries so hard to make everyone happy and he inspires me to be a better person. theres no way you can look at him and not smile big and ugly! His supporters mean so much to him, like actually if you watch any of his meet and greet videos you'll see what I'm talking about. His EP is dropping soon and I'm waiiitttiiinggg! he's going on tour soon and I can't wait to hug him tight af.♡

Ariana Grande

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♡ok she can be hella sassy at times but she's sweet I swear! she's such a cutie and her music is BOMB! stop sleepin on her music cuz its great. Her VOCALSS holy fuck her vocals are insane!!!!!! she's such a queen and I love her lots.♡

Why Don't We

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♡I haven't really known them for long but GUYS! their music is soooo GOOD like I was SHOOKETH! I never thought they were good till I actually listened to their music and I love it! Jack and Daniel are my personal favs but they are all cuties. IM GONNA MEET THEM ON FIRDAY!! anyways, check them out♡

Adelaine Morin

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♡Ive been watching Adelaine on youtube since I was in 6th grade and she is my favorite EVER! she's so real and down to earth and I love that about her. she's such an amazing person with an amazing heart! she makes great videos, she's pretty af, funny, sweet and REAL! what I mean by "real" is she's doesn't pretend like she's someone she's not on camera and knowing just that makes watching her videos fun.♡

Austin Mahone

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♡please, please, pleassssse don't sleep on Austin! he's the sexiest man alive but also the sweetest! his music is something else omfggggg! listen to "send it" and tell me what you think. The a 0% chance you'll hate it. GUYS WHEN I TELL YOU HES THE SWEETEST... HES THE FUCKEN SWEETEST! wow wow wow I can't!!!♡

Alex Aiono

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♡KING of mashups! Alex is so good at what he does and I love his adorable ass! He deserves more recognition and love because he's such a good person. The amount of love this man has is insane and he makes me so happy!♡

Mikey Murphy

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♡his dimples and his smile are my two favorite things ever! he's one of my favorite youtubers and I just love him! he's so good with cameras like WOW the pictures he posts are everyyythhhingg! He's such a cutie and he deserves more!♡


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WELP! thats it for this article. you should all check out all these people because they are all great! please give me feedback and tell me what you thought about this! also check out my last article! Much love 💞