1.) There will be times in your life (especially during high school) when your friend groups change and you feel as if you will never again have that type of relationship. You will. They will be even better than the first group of people, because as you grow up and find yourself, you discover the type of people you truly want to be friends with.

2.) Drinking isn't everything, you can have fun without getting wasted.

3.) Grades matter, but it isn't the end of the world if you fail one test or get one bad grade. Apply yourself and strive for greatness, but remember you can mess up and make mistakes. You will still have a successful future even if you fail that killer English mid-term.

4.) Mental health is important. It's okay to take a personal day every once in a while, even though your parents might not understand why you feel the need to miss school. They don't need to.

5.) What you do in high school affects your future. If you just party and sleep around, are you really doing anything beneficial towards the rest of your life? Have fun, but take today seriously.

6.) That guy/girl you are so hooked on? Make a move or move on. You won't get anywhere if you don't make a change in your relationship with the other person. And if things don't work out, it's okay. You tried. There's plenty of even more amazing people to be with. You have the rest of your life to fall in love.

7.) Staying home one Friday night won't kill you. Grab dinner with your parents, watch a movie with your little brother, have a cuddle session with your dog. Spend time with your family, because you will probably be leaving home soon.

8.) Worry about yourself and those who are important to you. Don't spend unnecessary time swapping rumors with the gossip in the back of your math class.

9.) Not everyone is going to like you. You don't need to change anything about yourself just to impress people who won't matter in four years.

10.) Don't depend on stereotypes. Get to know someone before you let a social label define them.