First of all, you don't know how much fun im gonna have with this

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Like, I love writing mostly about everything. This is a feature I know imma use on the daily. If I wasn't on here that much before, best believe I will now.

Since I literally just found out about this, im just gonna brainstorm in top of my head what topics I may write about.

*Reviews on whats new in the urban culture, whether its music, tv, celeb drama, you know, that sorta thing.

*Some of my poetry
*Some of my works that I write on wattpad I'll preview here.

*Maybe some things on my personal life, idk about that yet though.

*Advice on daily life
*Mental Health
*Life lessons
*My thoughts on more serious news

Anyways, I think you guys get it. I don't know where I'll exactly start yet, but expect something real soon. Again, I'm exicted, thanks for this feature weheartit.

Until later,

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KC 😘

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