This is in the POV of a keyboard.

Getting punched over and over. Ain't easy.

I don't know some keys are so lucky they don't feel that. But I'm sort of used to it. And besides without me you can't type your thoughts like right now.

When you first bought me tho and I met other mates around me. Like my bestfriend the mouse. Yeah could you think about that? A keyboard and a mouse as bestfriends. Crazy

As a keyboard I'll give you a con. You know

First of I don't like feeling that nasty sweaty hands of one of these hoomans. It feels so slippery and gre-- ek!

BUT HEY. She makes does productive things. Like researching stuff on the internet.


what do you call them?

ah yes.. tHE gAMERS!!

they punch me hard and even ball their fist and smash me as if I wouldn't be destroyed. Meh they'd be buying a new one. So not my problem.

'they even cuss at me for keyboard's sake -_-'

'so I guess yeah typer? or whatever I call you. Thank you for typing my thoughts away like as if I talk to you and you understand BUT THANKS.`

- Just Me: V