- you are gold
my mom always told me
you are gold
when I forgot
how precious I was
because that dumb boy
didn't know how to commit
because he didn't know
how to love
because I was stuck on the idea
that if he couldn't love me
then I couldn't be loved
as if it were my fault
that he was incapable
of such an emotion
as if the love from another human being
determined my self-worth
but I now understand
that my mom constantly said
you are gold
as a way to remind me
that the best form of love
comes from no one
but myself.

- the meeting
he touched my neck
and his fingers
ran all the way down
to my collar bone
but with such grace
and love
that it didn't feel
it felt
as if I had never
been touched before

- the struggles
we tried
and the thing was
we never really knew how to try
we never really knew where to start
but we knew that if we wanted things to work
we would have to put in more effort
give each other more time
have a little more fun.
so we tried
despite not knowing what was working
despite not knowing where to start
and over time,
our 'trying' paid off.
and we were happy
and we were free