Watch TV shows is a good hobby and it's a fact, but the classic shows are the best and it is also a fact.
So I came here to share with you guys some of my favorites classical tv series. Some of them really old and other from the beginning of the 2000's. I am not going to put those really know, like "Friends" and "How I met your mother", even because those aren't my favorite one.
So, let's go!!

That 70's show!

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We just can't start this article without the best comedy ever. I love this show with all my heart.

Freaks and geeks.

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Unfortunately, only 1 season, but It's amazing.


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My childhood. (Well, I'm not that old, I just watched the reprise. haha).

I Dream of Jeannie.

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It's not that old, but I just found out lately so I decide to include here, because I'm really excited about this one.

My wife and the kids.

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Everybody hates Chris.

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I don't know about USA, but here in Brazil this show is the most know/watched. The best EVEEEER.

The O.C

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My love for tv shows started here.

So, I tried to put just a few, because If I would put all the shows that I love on this list, it would be much longer than this. So if you guys wanna a part 2, just say it. I would be glad to do it!