Hey guys! I just saw this challenge by @TypicalGirl48 via We Heart It on Twitter and I thought I would try it out!

The first day is to list 20 random facts about yourself!

Here we go...

  • I love to sing.
  • I write music in my free time.
  • I am a high school junior.
  • I am the 2nd Vice President of my school.
  • 100% DIRECTIONER (yes, i do believe in larry...soz...not really)
  • I LOVE FASHION (if you already couldn't tell from my canvas lol)
  • Fav food is shrimp.
  • Fav candy is gummy worms (or any gummy candy)
  • Fav animal is a hedgehog!
  • I was in a production of the Jungle Book at my school (i was Kaa and one of the monkeys...also a rock and flower)
  • I want to be a Pediatric Dentist but I still have the dream in the back of my mind to be a singer.
  • Currently in the middle of Hurricane Irma although it hasn't really affected my area yet. Hope everyone stays safe! <3
  • Never had my first kiss or a boyfriend.....
  • I love photography!
  • My favorite color is pastel purple.
  • I HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!! (it's still in the works but i already have two videos up! link is in my bio <3)
  • I am going to be recording and posting my music!!! (COMING SOON!)
  • I HAVE NEVER MISSED A DAY OF SCHOOL...EVER...LITERALLY!!! (i have had perfect attendance my whole life..)
  • I love to travel!
  • I am kinda a gamer! My favorite games to play are Minecraft and the Sims 4!

ARGHHHHH! That's a long list but I hope you enjoyed it!!! I'll be back tomorrow for the next challenge. This article feature is really hard to be honest.