1. When I was born my mom wanted to call me Sofía, but my dad didn't like it, so he decided to call me Montserrat.
2. My first language is Spanish, but I learn English since I was 5.
3. I don't have siblings.
4. Now I am studying a biology degree, and next year I would go to law school.
5. I have a dog.
6. One of my favorites things to do is to travel. In the last 4 years I have been in 7 countries.
7. I consider myself a shopaholic. I go shopping at least twice a week.
8. I was born in Santiago de Chile, that means I'm latina.
9. I hate so much spicy food.
10. I love watching Disney movies.
11. My favorite singer is Beyoncé 🐝.
12. I used to be a belly dancer and also a gymnast.
13. I am very short. I am only 1.53 meters tall.
14. I have never had a boyfriend.
15. I love italian food.

Thank you so much for read it.

Montse ☀️