When the world calls us, we sure need to understand its language. Always daydreaming about Cuba's beautiful beaches? Or about Spain's original architecture ? Well Spanish could be your next ticket to these wonderful places...

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Spain and Cuba are two Spanish speaking countries.

Learning a new language may seem tough at first, but here are 3 tips that will make you think otherwise.


Go take online classes, look out for courses in your neighbourhood, listen to a movie in the language you would like to learn, find friends or colleagues who could help you with it, read about it, go, go, go! NOW!


You can't learn it without practice. And by practice I mean everyday, or as frequently as possible. Put sticky notes of sight words in your kitchen, watch an episode on netflix, play a game, etc. Everything you can do in that language, DO IT.


Skype, chat, don't be shy! Speaking is key: it will let you learn the accent, new words, sentences' structure, and will let you be at ease with your new language.

Good luck! Buena suerte! Viel glück! Bonne chance!

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