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School is about to Begin, at least for me. Next Wednesday my school start and i´m little nervous for that because i wanna have better notes so i decided to make an article with tips to help those who need them.

1-Study the subject before class

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It is important to study the subject before the class to be aware of what will happen and be easier to you learn.

2- Write down the questions the teacher asks in class

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Write down the questions the teacher makes in class and their answers.
During the daily study answer the questions you wrote down and then compare with the answers .....
This will be a way to review the theme and see if you already know it.

3- organize your time

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You need to organize your time so that you can study and do your daily tasks. With the organization you will be able to stay and still have time to rest.
The organization will help you get everything ready for the test and get better grades.

4- Take 10/15 min breaks during the study

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These breaks will allow the brain to rest.In addition, studying is not so tiring.


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During the study underline is one of the techniques that helps. it is important only to emphasize the words, dates and terms with greater relevance.
In addition, it would be a good idea to organize a color system to underline what would make everything easier at the time of review.
If any of you have a good photographic memory this will help you remember the themes more easily because you will be able to associate a color with a phrase, date or event.

6- Make summaries

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Pick up the notes you took during class and the notes made from the textbook and try to create a summary of the subject.

Making summaries of book texts or texts given by the teacher helps to organize ideas and simplify the subject.

7-solve exercises

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Study is not only decorate but also understand the subject that is being studied. For easier understanding and to help in the studies the resolution of exercises is recommended.
In this way you will see if you already know the subject or if you are ready to take a test.

This is all for now. Soon I will post a new article with the continuation of tips to go better in school

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