If you feel offended by this article in anyway, I honestly don`t mean to hurt you. I just felt like I had to write this article. Also, this will probably be a mess to read, so sorry. Lastly, if anybody ever wants to talk to me about anything, just message me because there is nothing better then telling a complete stranger your thoughts or opinions..... I would know.
So, I hung out with my friends today and I haven`t seen them in a while. For the first hour or so we were talking about our lives and laughing. Then, 2 of my friends start talking about hookah, weed, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. My 2 friends were talking about flavors or how good it tastes and how much they drink and tips and tricks to not get caught. Now, I guess I.....Teenagers these days want to be "cool" or "relieve stress"but why?
What stress do you need to relieve? How can damaging your lungs, kidneys, teeth, heart make you cool? These are friends that I care about and it hurts to hear them talk about ways to throw away their life. There are people out there with cancer or diseases that would love to have a good lung or heart. Teenagers these days don`t think about the consequences or what they are damaging.
Also, don`t get me started on the fact that people will always have issues. Everyone will struggle at least once in their life whether big or small. Issues will always make life difficult, but don`t throw away your life because things get hard. Sometimes people will have bigger issues than you and they might try to find the best way to help themselves. This is my opinion but I believe smoking weed, drinking alcohol is not the best way to relieve stress or get back at your parents, or become cool. Why does this generation get sucked right in too this perfect image of society`s perfect and cool person! It makes me so sad to see that people are becoming things besides themselves.
I am also a teenager and I`m not that different (besides the smoking and drinking part), but that`s a different story for a different time!! I am not a preacher, or Einstein, or Gandhi but i am a 14 year old that wants to speak up!