*Before you start reading this article, I want to warn you that my main language is not English it's French. Be indulgent to me, I did my best to correct myself.*

Hello everyone,
if you're reading this it's probably because you're interested knowing how I do to have a beautiful WHI feed. I have some tips that will help you design a nice WHI feed.

First of all, I want to inform you that I am not a professional or whatever. I just want to share my tips with you.

Now, let's talk about a particular style that I adore and that is very trendy this year. It's the minimalist style. No matter where I go on We Heart It, I very often see this style which is really very popular and loved. That's why I opt for this style in my feed.

Definition of minimalist, minimalism...: is a style of art that is extremely simple and presents a lot of white colors.

Tip # 1:
I advise you to choose only one theme or style that you like and want to adopt in your WHI feed and concentrate on this style.

Tip # 2:
To have a nice feed, it is important to respect it as much as possible the colors tones and the content of the images. I like to upload images of clothes, shoes and more together and other things like animals together too.(I try to match them together).

Tip # 3:
When I like an image that does not fit well with my feed, I like to add quotes (with a white background because it's more minimalist). The quotes allow you to separate the different colors of the previous images that you put into your feed and those that you will put after.

Tip # 4:
If your style is minimalist like me, I advise you to upload every image with a little bit of white on each image. Just that will change everything and they will all fit together.

Tip # 5:
The last tip I can share with you is to follow people who have the same theme or style you have. Also, be active on WHI and search everywhere to discover new cute images that will make your feed original and researched. (Sometimes I can pass 1 hour to search new images that can fit perfectly with my feed).

So now you know all my tips and I hope they will help you! If you have any questions, come in private and I will be honored to answer you shortly. Thank you for reading my article. :)

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xx, @pameladupuis