I just wanted to write a random article about something I love doing and besides eating and scrolling through WeHeartIt, I also love being alone.
I get to escape from the annoying girls at school who try too hard.
From my math teacher shaking his head from my tests results.
From all the beautiful girls who you wish to be but will never be close to.
From the workout you missed the other day.

When being alone, for the first time in forever, there's someone who actually cares about you. And that person is you.
Cause to be honest, your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or mom is not always there and has there own things to worry about.

I like to be alone because I can tell myself I'm beautiful by being myself even if no one else agrees.

So go ahead, look into that mirror and admire yourself.
Because that's not being obsessed with yourself, its called self-love.