Girl Power.

You've seen these two words before. Of course you have. Recently it's been all over the Internet.

Today is Tuesday 9th September, 2017 and it's 9:05 PM. The hashtag #girlpower has been used 7,081,353 times on Instagram alone.

That's more than enough evidence that it's not a new or unknown term. But what does it mean exactly?

Here's a definition from Google:

girl pow·er


used in reference to an attitude of independence, confidence, and empowerment among young women.

Read that again. Did you catch that word?


Girl power is an attitude. Now I'd hate to turn this into some English lesson but now we need to know what 'attitude' is. I mean a real definition. So I searched it on Google. Here's what I found:



a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person's behavior.

And there I found yet another important word. Behavior.

So here's the breakdown: Girl power is an attitude which is a behavior.

Therefore, Girl power = Behavior

(Might as well throw in some Math)

And that made me really, really excited.

Girl power isn't just something you say, it's not just something you use as a hash tag on social media and it's not just something you wear on a t-shirt. Girl power is a behavior!

Which means you have to 'walk it', not just 'talk it'.

So, the next question is, 'How do you do that?' and we'll find out in the next article. In the mean time, stay confident and stay beautiful!


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Cover photo by James Izidor on Tumblr