Hey everyone! Hope you're all as excited for fall as I am. Looking forward to cool breezes, crunchy leaves and hot chocolate. But before you do all that, what do you obviously have to do in the morning? Dress. The times are a-changing and so is the fashion. So here's a few of my personal favorites that will have you looking professional and comfortable this season. Hope you enjoy!

Style 1:
Pairing a scarf with your outfit is key. Not only does it protect you from the bitter wind, but it also adds flair to your clothes. For example, if you're going for an all black and grey outfit, what you need is a pop of color. You can either pair a solid color or a cute pattern, preferably plaid.

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Style 2:
Next up we have hats. These make any outfit look super cute. They protect you from the cold and finish up your outfit, There isn't much to say about these other than to choose thick fabrics like wool so they really serve their purpose. Otherwise, solid colors are the way to go.

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Style 3:
Shoes shoes shoes. My absolute favorite. But above all, boots. There's no sound better than that of your heels clicking on the pavement. Your boots alone define your outfit. Just make sure they're of good quality so they'll last a long time.

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Style 4:
This is the one. The one that can make our break your outfit. That or give you a cold.
The coat. The most noticable part. It's defining. Make sure you get one that's warm and thick and close to your skin but also flowy and preferably solid colored or plaid.

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After you've got all these down, make sure your skin is protected from the cold and that you have lip balm to prevent cracking lips. I'd also recommend carrying with you a pair of gloves. Leather and wool work well with the cold. And don't forget your accesories! Jewelry, sunglasses etc. That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed and follow my collections!

Much love,