this is part three of my bucketlist of 250 things i hope to do before i die. if you want to read parts 1 and 2, just visit my profile and see what i have published. every heart means a lot to me and so does the things on this list.

drink, food, and fruit image food, pizza, and cheese image light, lantern, and night image coffee, sunglasses, and food image

82. Drink smoothies with friends
83. Order pizza to a hotel room
84. Go to a lantern festival
85. Get coffee art

snow, winter, and light image purple, food, and cotton candy image beach, black, and sea image summer, water, and sea image

86. Go christmas shopping in copenhagen
87. Get cotton candy at a fair
88. Visit a black beach
89. Wake up to a view of the ocean

green, girl, and plants image summer, photo, and memories image Cookies, food, and the lion king image Temporarily removed

90. Go to a botanical garden
91. Ride a bananaboat
92. Watch your favourite childhood movie
93. Eat macrones in france

girl, summer, and friends image ice cream, food, and chocolate image Temporarily removed blue, ferris wheel, and aesthetic image

94. Go on a boat
95. Buy ice cream on vacation
96. Walk along a desertet beach
97. Ride a ferris wheel

Temporarily removed beach, moon, and full image Image removed Temporarily removed

98. Drink green tea in japan
99. Go for a swim in the ocean at night
100. Swim in the indian ocean
101. Drive around in asia

girl, city, and sunset image book, beach, and summer image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

102. Go on a spontaneous trip
103. Read how to kill a mockingbird
104. Have a long and hard workout
105. Sit for many hours on a bus

sun, camping, and tent image coffee, drink, and food image Temporarily removed book, sea, and beach image

106. Go camping on a beach
107. Eat at a beach café
108. See something beautiful from an aeroplane window
109. Read a book that someone recommended

home, decor, and design image food, breakfast, and coffee image girl, sunset, and city image sea, ocean, and blue image

110. Live at a luxury hotel
111. Eat at a nice restaurant
112. See a city from a mountain
113. Se the atlantic from america

sky, car, and night image girl, water, and nature image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

114. Drive around in the wastelands at night
115. Take a spontaneous swim
116. Do something nobdy else dares to
117. Go to a museum

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed tortoise image beach, sea, and sun image

118. Visit beijing
119. Get a job
120. See baby turtles
121. Watch the sun rise in the ocean

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed beach, pink, and sea image Temporarily removed

122. See the san fran bridge
123. Be in manhattan
124. Walk on a pier
125. Visit hawaii