Hi everyone ! For my first article I decided to write about my favorite songs at the moment, so here's my September playlist:

exo, baekhyun, and kpop image
1- EXO Power 2- EXO Sweet Lies
k-pop, ravi, and kpop image
3- VIXX LR Beautiful Night
sunmi, kpop, and gashina image
4- Sunmi Gashina
nct and jeno image
5- NCT DREAM We Young
actor and kpop image
6- Seo In Guk BeBe
Image by Private User
7- Seventeen My I 8- Seventeen Rock
jinyoung, kpop, and wanna one image
9- Wanna One Energetic 10- Wanna One Burn It Up
mino, winner, and yg image
11- WINNER Island
kpop, samuel, and samuel kim image
12- Samuel Sixteen (Feat. Changmo) 13- Samuel One Two Three (Feat. Maboos)

♥ Hope you enjoy ! ♥