Right now,

I feel so alone. This will not take long, there is not really much to say.

I feel alienated to my own self, I just can feel the tears well up in my eyes.

My throat gets tighter and I'm losing my appetite for words very quickly...

Is it so hard to feel like belonging somewhere and that I'm not on different leagues to my friends?

Can I just have one wish come true?
To be very honest, I just am so envious of people who are a little better off with money... I really want to travel somewhere nice and move to a better area...Im not poor, thank everyting for that, but I know i sound like a brat. You know, at this point I don't mind...

I just need to break away from this cycle of routine and not even have to say a word to anyone.

I wish i did not really be emotional this often... I just don't have anyone right now and I feel so desperate. Tears are not for the weak, but I've been better and worse, with no one here

Thank you, if youre still here...