Hello angel!... ♫ 😄

Im kinda impressed today.
The reason? Well...

I just saw that my first article actually had some hearts 😦
kpop, meme, and memes image

I couldn't believe it, actually, I haven't!. I think that the reason of the hearts it's the cover image that I used, I mean maybe nobody read my article, but they hearted it because of the picture... 😛
If that's the case, then thanks Rilakuma!

cartoon, illustration, and art image
This is the picture that I used C:


Because of what I just said, it came to my mind that We ❤ It Articles should allow readers, of the articles of course 😝 , to add comments or send a postcard to the writer. I think it would be cool.

That could allow us to:

  • Met more people that share the same interest with us.
  • Practice another language.
  • Improve our articles.
  • And alot of other things that don't come to my mind in this moment 😅

IF we could add comments, you could also help me to write down more points in my poor list! 😂

Even you could tell me if you agree or not with this Idea. 😌👉

Well that's what I wanted to write today...
Now I'm going to search for a good image cover... you know why 😎