We all love Paris, and if you love fashion as much as me, you need to visit this place. here on WHI we have so much inspiration with amazing photos from Paris that make us dream. but what should we wear for this adventure?

well, Paris is so romantic and artistic so this can be our starting point.
if have no idea, is preferably for cold tones, floral prints and minimal t-shirts, your outfit will never go wrong with this options.

now, i will show for you guys my favorites outfits ideas to visit Paris one day!

paris, travel, and pink image

i love plated skirt and this will be my first look, maybe to visit an pâtisserie.

fashion, Marchesa, and dress image

Marchesa`s tule dress always made me dream with a romantic date in France, so of course this one will be with me.

brunette, girl, and necklace image

i love those simple withe shirts from labels, and my choice is this one from Yves Saint Laurent, the black outfit are always necessary. maybe i will combine with a black latex pants.

skirt, black, and outfit image

i love this girly style with tule skirt and black will give a "air" more classic and chic.

classy, blogger, and clothes image

last but not least, fur! cause you want to look rich, you want to look gorgeous, you want to look fabulous, like everything you are! and this beautiful piece will make this for you and me!

okay guys this is the end! i really LOVED write this article for you guys and hope you enjoyed as much as me!

bye, bye

all the love, K!