This is the second part of the bucketlist i have worked on ever since i was a small girl who never thought she would sit still a moment and that she could expirience the whole world and everything it could possibly offer. I am now 14 years old and my one and only wish is to travel the world to perhaps find that i after all belong on this planet as much as the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky.

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38. Rent a camper or a car
39. Have a henna tattoo
40. Buy donuts in the usa
41. Try paragliding

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42. Buy soft ice cream in a weird color
43. Eat pizza in Italy
44. Get a pedicure
45. Go scuba diving in the great barrier reaf

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46. Dive in to clear water
47. Find an exotic flower
48. Walk in an autentic chinese street
49. Buy a vintage LP

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50. Go shopping in new york
51. Walk across that big steet crossing in tokyo
52. Go on a spontateous trip
53. Drink fiji-water

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54. Swim in an infinity pool
55. Go to a café in paris
56. Eat a burger at an american diner
57. Visit the jazz bar from lost in translation

Copyrighted image book, chanel, and fashion image pink, Victoria's Secret, and vs image flowers, white, and green image

58. Sleep in a place with a view over a big city
59. Buy a vogue magazine
60. Get an expencive perfume as a gift
61. Plant a flower bush

shark, water, and aquarium image Temporarily removed girl, summer, and fish image away, black and white, and style image

62. Go to an aquarium
63. Get to know a neighbour
64. Scuba dive with tropical fish
65. Get a tattoo

drink, food, and juice image city, light, and night image fish, summer, and sea image girl, travel, and city image

66. Do a juice cleanse
67. Fly in a helicopter
68. Swim with fish
69. See a big city from a plane at night

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70. Use an underwater camera
71. Rent a suite at a hotel
72. Visit Africa
73. Visit south america

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74. Take a morning bath in the ocean
75. Go icebathing
76. Bath in water that’s 37 degrees or more
77. Buy something expencive (gucci, prada)

desserts, food, and pie image girl and pool image Temporarily removed nike, fitness, and shoes image

78. Make american pancakes
79. Swim in an indoor pool
80. Dance in the rain
81. drink a green smoothie