Online reputation and being safe online

Nothing never goes away once it's posted online

September 10, 2017

As social media is becoming more popular these days we have to be careful with what we do on it. This article I am helping you with your online activity. Your digital footprint is what you leave behind and what can shape your reputation. Your digital footprints can be positive or negative and this is how people may see you in the future so please consider these following steps.

1 - Search yourself online

Many people are shocked with what they see when they search themselves online. Why not you go search yourself online and see what's up there on you. If there's something you see and you don't like try and take simple steps to get that content removed. If it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc there will be privacy settings in which you can change to your liking.

2 - Privacy settings

Make sure you are comfortable sharing information on the websites you use especially on interactive sites. Many media do have privacy settings to help you manage what you share and who you may share it with. You may also decide if you want to post yours posts to your friends, followers or to the World Wide Web. Keep in mind that your friends digital footprint can also lead into yours.

3 - Think before posting

Before you post that funny picture of your friend or yourself or post an offensive thing on twitter, ask yourself if you want everyone to see it therefore I mean, friends, family, grandparents, employees, bosses. Would you be happy if people posted funny pictures of you without permission. Anything online stays online and that's reality but what would be amazing was if we deleted something it got deleted forever.

4 - Deactivate and delete

When you stop using an account of some sort like social media or a website make sure you deactivate and / or delete, this is very good if you do actually as the content will no longer be live and shouldn't be searchable online! This will also help prevent being hacked and losing important information.

5 - Make a positive footprint

People hear a ton about the negative footprints left behind online. The best way to keep a positive reputation is to use your time online and get creative and create a positive footprint. Like why not write an article about the good deeds you have done, raise awareness for something, sponsor a fundraising community or make a video to help teach people stuff who can't go to school but has access to a device?


Thank you for reading this article on cyber safety - digital footprint. I really hope this comes in handy for those who are trying to apply for jobs like me!
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