Hi! Let's start off with a bit of information about me. My name is Sara Carson, and I'm currently seventeen years old. I'm exactly four feet and eleven inches tall, and I absolutely love Teen Wolf. I dance ballet, but I also watch the New York Rangers and New York Yankees. Here's a picture of me:

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I recently thought of using WeHeartIt as my own personal journal (or diary). I do not write this for pity or attention, I simply write it to write it. So I introduce you to 'Dear World'.


So today is Saturday, and I absolutely love Saturdays because I can walk around the house like a bum without a care or worry in the world. Or at least that's how I wished it happened...

So it was around maybe nine or nine thirty in the morning when my best friend, Shannon Greene, (who I'll mainly call Blondie) called me saying that I have to go to the football game. My school, has a pretty good football team and a few of my friends are on the team as well, but I was just so out of it. I didn't want to go, but Blondie made me. She literally came to my house, pulled me out of bed and forced me to get dressed. Who does that?! I ended up wearing this a simple pair of leggings and a big sweatshirt. I so was not getting all dressed up for something I did not want to do.

The whole car ride to the field was full of complaining about not wanting to go to the game and ignoring Blondie's horrible music taste. Blondie's boyfriend is on the football team, so she kinda has to go to the football games because it would be kinda messed up for her not to cheer her boyfriend on.

We first greeted the guys by the bench where they were all stretching. Another reason why I personally don't want to go to the games is that my crush, let's call him, Captain Crunch because (one) I absolutely love the cereal, and (two) he's the captain of the football team. Obviously, it would be me to fall for the hunk of a football captain -eye roll-.

Anywho, back to the story. Blondie and I were talking with the guys when Captain Crunch came over to talk with me. I was so shocked when he began talking with me. He was like, "Hey, your name is Sara, right?" He asked as he took a sip from the green Gatorade bottle. I simply just stared at him for a few moments before replying saying, "uh... Y-Yeah, that is me. Carson, Sara. Sara Carson."

I never felt more embarrassed in my life, but Captain Crunch didn't seem to mind. I remember he laughed and called me funny, which ended up with me awkwardly turning into Red Tomato Sara. We just stood there awkwardly, and eventually, the coach called all the players over for a group huddle, and Blondie and I took it as a sign to leave.

So we were sitting awkwardly on the cold, uncomfortable bleachers, watching the guys play. When the offensive part of the team (which Captain Crunch was in) jogged onto the grass, Captain Crunch looked over at me and winked causing my mouth to fall open.


Captain fucking Crunch knew my name and even winked at me! Jesus Christ, I almost had a fucking heart attack on the bleachers, and I do NOT want to die during a high school football game on the uncomfortable bleachers. Hell to the no thank you.


Let's just say, I'm so happy I went to that football game.Sadly, I didn't see him at the end though. :'(

Before I go, I just want to thank you for reading!

Sara Carson :)