Hey everyone!
We all know that one of the most special moment for every girl is her first kiss.Well,last night I was thinking about MY first kiss and I decided to tell you guys about it.So this is basically a storytime about my first kiss!

let's start

Sooo I had my first kiss four months ago,the 31th of may.
I had it with a boy that I really liked,i mean,REAAALLY liked,
He has my age and we go in the same school.I know him since I was a little girl,because he's my best friend's cousin,but we became friends in 2013.He was probably one of my most intimate friends.
But we were just friends,so I've NEVER thought that we could become something else.But some months ago he started to act so weird.I mean,he started to be closer to me in a lot of ways.he used to do stuff that he usually didn't do.For example he hugged me and he made funny but cute jokes about me,At a certain point I realised that I was into him,a lot.
Now you can call me stupid,but I told him so,,,Please don't tell your crushes that you like them NEVER!
That was such a terrible idea lol.When I told him so,he said something like "oh okay,cool",I expected some other kind of response and in that moment I was feeling like shit.
However,things didn't change at all,we continued to be close and hug eachother everytime,but that was it,
Now we arrive to the cool part of the story.
The night of the 31st of may our school had a little concert in a theatre of my city.Obviously he was there and we played some stuff in the concert,too.But our exibition was the first one,so after we finished playing we sat in the theatre's stalls.He almost had a fight with a friend because he wanted to sit me at all costs and like BIIITCH YAAAAS lol.
The situation started to became very intimate because he started to look
at me,to put his arm behind my head,he started kissing me on the cheek.After a while he looked me in the eyes and he told something like:"you know,I really like you".I swear to God that in that exact moment I was about to scream and cry,but fortunately I didn't LOL.
So I went "I knew that" YES I WAS THAT BITCH.
We started laughing and at this point we were so close,our nose were touching eachother andyheeen BOOM he kissed me.
I was so happy but also so nervous because:
1)i was afraid that I couldn't kiss him properly(but actually,our kiss was great).
2)there was a lot of people around us (but actually no one was looking at us because they were focused on the concert and we were in the back of the stalls.
After our first kiss we looked at eachother and we started smiling and he was so cute omg.Then we kissed again again and again.That night was magical.
Also it seemed like we were in a film,it was so perfect.
A lot of things happened between us after that night,but maybe I will tell you about them in another storytime,
Thank you so much for reading.
I'm sorry for any kind of mistakes I've made but I'm not a native speaker(I'm Italian pizza pasta mandolino lol).