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We all know that one jumper you always end up grabbing when you're in a hurry or just simply don't have much time to spend on choosing an outfit. If for some reason you don't own one, I would highly recommend you invest in a good one since it is something you can wear throughout the autumn winter time (and at least for me it's an all-year-round kind of a piece).

My suggestion would be to get something that you feel comfortable in and something quite basic so that it is easy to pair with different bottoms and jackets you already have in your closet (but obviously go with your own style). Zara is definitely one of my favourite places for getting nice jumpers because they vary from the very extra ones to the very basic ones plus their quality is really good even on the cheaper items.


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Never underestimate the power of a well-fitting pair of jeans.

Now since the weather is getting cooler most people can't really get away with wearing shorts or dresses anymore, so you need your trustee pair of jeans that you can just chuck on with pretty much anything. And now that summer is officially over and most people are going back to school or work the last thing you want to worry about in the morning is "wait, it's too cold outside for shorts and I don't have good jeans to wear."

I personally am a mom jeans kind of a girl just because they fit me quite nicely, but I do think that every girl/woman should own a pair of black skinnies just for the sake of their versatility. Again Zara have some amazing denim pieces that fit really well and as I said the quality is really good. For skinny jeans, I would recommend Topshop and since we don't have a Topshop in Finland I will say that BikBok jeans are worth using 65€ on.


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You're probably reading this thinking "she really couldn't come up with a better name for an autumnal coat than the "it's cold outside" coat?" and the answer to your question is no, I could not.

This is the piece you'll need on days when you know you'll be spending a lot of time indoors and plan on wearing just a T-shirt or a top, but since it's cold outside (haha get it) you need a big, chunky coat to keep you warm. And then you don't need to have multiple layers of jumpers and jackets to put on and take off all the time. For most of us, this is probably a late autumn kind of a piece but since I have already started wearing mine, I thought I'd mention it.


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This one is quite an obvious thing now that back to school is reality and you need something to put your life essentials (oh and probs books) into. Of course, bags aren't just for students but for all of us (unless you're the type of person who can fit all their essentials in their pockets). I always end up carrying my whole life with me to everywhere I go and it's an easy accessory that can make you look a lot more put together so it's a win win for everyone.


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Now don't get me wrong I love wearing sneakers and I'll probably be wearing them until it starts snowing but a good pair of boots is something I have always needed and am actually looking for a new pair for this year because my old ones are quite worn out after four years.

Boots cause they're somewhat comfortable, they look more put together than sneakers and the heel gives height since I am only 5'2". And just like all of the pieces I mentioned you are able to take this to winter and spring too so they're not only for the autumn season.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and got some inspiration for the upcoming season!