Hi everyone!
Summer is pretty much over and I wanted to share a few of the products that really got me through those hot days.

But before I begin, I just want to say thank you for over 500 likes on my first ever article (''Be right back'') . I wasn't expecting anyone to read it, let alone relate to it but I guess there are a lot of lonely homesick souls out there like me.

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Anyway, lets begin with the summer favorites. I love makeup, but skincare is the more important thing for me so I really had to put away my favorite foundation and replace it with a lightweight sunscreen. Nars Pure radiant tinted moisturizer SPF 30 gave me just the right balance of beautiful coverage and skin benefits. Not only does it not have that sunscreen feeling on the skin but it also makes it look and feel very radiant and natural. I set it with powder when i want to use blush or bronzer, as it is a moisturizer and it stays dewy if you don't set it but I definitely wore it to the gym by itself and loved its performance.

My second complexion favorite has been the Measurable difference concealer palette. I don't think concealer palettes are that much more different than creme contour palettes so I won't pay as much attention to the brand but rather on the fact that it's so easy to creme contour and I just discovered that this summer! I simply use my fingers to dab some of the lighter colors under my eyes and nose bridge and the darker colors right under my cheekbones. Blend with a brush and set with powder and my face is complete!

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Continuing with creme products, another one I use right before I set my face with powder is the Temptu x Boxycharm liquid glow. It's basically like any other liquid highlighter so again, I'm not going into detail about the brand itself. I dab a tiny drop on my cheekbones as a last creme product step before setting my face. I avoid powdering that area as I love setting it with a powder highlighter for that 'out of this world' glow. Seriously, try using a liquid highlighter before powder one. You. Will. Blind. People.!!!!!

If I had to describe my makeup pattern for the whole summer in 4 words, it would sound like this: Glowy skin, Matte lips. Yes, I have been obsessed with wearing matte liquid lipsticks. My go-to lippies have been the Kylie liquid lipstick in ''Bare" and Tarte "Festival" which are just two beautiful mauvy pinks. "Bare" is more nude-pink but Tarte's "Festival" is deffinitely more of a flattering modern mauve with a bit of muted purple undertones. I swear, I love changing up my lipsticks super often but this summer I just couldn't put those two down.

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On the days when my lips were too dry and couldn't take the feeling of a liquid lipstick, I really enjoyed wearing the Tarte Glossy lip paint in the shade ''Obvi''. The formula is comfortable and glossy at first but after a while the shine fades into a lovely creamy finish. The color is just the perfect nude for anyone in my opinion and the gold cap packaging of the product really makes me reach for it a lot.

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My summer fragrance has been the Bath and Body Works ''Beach Nights'' body mist. I got it last year and I don't think it's available at the moment but I got so many compliments every time I wore it. It smells like toasted marshmallows and cozy campfire. It's just a beautiful comforting scent that everyone seems to love even in the summer.

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And there you go! This summer has been very exciting and full of beauty discoveries but I'm so ready for Fall! If you made it this far, I want to say thank you so much and I hope you guys will send me postcards with your summer favorites list. I would love to interact and make new friends on the weheartit platform.
Bye for now <3