So dis lil article is gonna be about the outfits I'd wear to school if my school didn't have a stupid uniform policy ://.

0utfit numba uno:
So this outfit is off so cute I would imagine wearing this in the fall or winter time yk, I really like how the sweater is such a light natural color & how the jeans are ripped and only reach down to your ankles, and the shoes are a yes, I've been wanting to get a pair of white converse but in the end I opted with old school vans instead.

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0utfit # two
This outfit I've been dying to recreate, its just that I don't have the denim jacket :(, I'm going to get a denim jacket hopefully by the New Years. I like how its just a simple throw on for cold weather, I have this varsity looking jacket that I love, I've been wearing it a couple times through out the school years :00.

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Outfit numba 3: I like how the shirt is off the shoulders, but if your school doesn't allow shoulder you can wear a jacket on, well at least thats my school during fancy dress up days lmaoo. But yaaaa.

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Well thats it seeeyaaa guy$