23 years old, female, lives in California
I’m a Gemini
My favorite movie is Before Sunrise
My favorite season is fall
I love sunsets
My favorite food is burrito
A perfect date would be walking sand, drinking coconut, chill & brings me to a new place to have some adventure.
I prefer dogs than cats.
I am afraid of cockroaches
My Starbuck order is Iced white choco Mocha with mocha, no whipped
I won’t kiss the last person I kissed because he likes someone else
5 things I love: relaxing in a coffee shop, beach, dogs, to travel, and painting
I don’t have any tattoos
Favorite country: South Korea; Food, beauty products and Nami Island
Last book I Read: The Happiness Project - Gretchen Rubin
I’d pick pizza over burgers
I like a person’s eyes rather than his smile.
3 Turn ons: thick eyebrows, manly smell & someone who loves God.
Relationship status: Single
girl, animal, and lion image
I want to own a lion cub