I didn`t want to go there, but my feet brought me to that terrible place. ~ Andjeli. R

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Sometimes we don`t want to go to a place, not because we don`t want it but because our feeling doesn`t want it. A place can take us badly or it can let us remember something again.

I wish my feet didn't brought me to that night, maybe I should then life now.
The moment I came in nothing feels wrong, but the moment he touch me and I feel nothing more I know I was still dead, my life was dead, I was dead. Now I live in a place where everyone gonna live when he gonna die. Since I`ve been in this place I remember everything, I see everything and I listen everything what you say.
You let me cry so many nights that I just lost liters tears but don`t worry about me now. This was what you wanted for a long time? Now you know how it feels.
I`m in a better place than you now. I know I'll see you ever back again.

I`m make this quote after I saw 13 reasons why episode 9.

- Andjeli. R

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