Hello. ❤️ I have two fan accounts on Instagram (@ jaynemforpresident), and I thought I'd share some tips that will make you stand out among the crowd. Hope they're helpful.

1: Pick a clever username that's easy to recognize.
I picked @ jaynemforpresident because Jayne Mansfield "campaigned" in the 1964 election by publishing a pinup magazine. It's specific to the star, and no one else has a name like this, so people will remember you as you make posts in the tag.

60s, jayne mansfield, and 1960s image

2: Make your own profile pic.

On both of my accounts, my profile pic is original. It can be as simple as removing the background from a pic with Background Eraser and adding a more colorful one in its place. Like the username, this will make you easily recognizable.

3: Put forth some effort.
If you have any fs to give, put them toward your account. Don't just screenshot pics from another account and call them your own. Give your posts some thought before you put them on your account. Do some research. Find little known facts and interviews.

4: Make original content.

On my Marilyn Monroe account, I alternate photos with her quotes, or quotes her friends and other celebrities have said about her. On my Jayne Mansfield account, I make clips and GIFs from movies, interviews, etc. Having your own content shows that you're willing to put forth effort to maintain your account, along with being easily recognizable.

5: Find rare pictures and videos.
Look through books and magazines and make your own scans, dig through sites, and look on eBay for originals. A fun comment to get on a post is "I've never seen this one!" It's not easy, but I'm sure your followers will enjoy finding them on your account.

6: Get an arsenal of apps.
First of all, I have an app called PhotoVault to keep all of my account specific pics out of my camera roll. It keeps me from looking like an obsessed fan, and all my pics are in a nice, safe place complete with a passcode. My favorite apps for editing are Canva, GIFShare, Phonto, and Snapseed. Try new apps, and find your own perfect combination.

7: Try a theme.
Themes aren't for everyone, but taking one for a test drive isn't a bad idea. On my Marilyn account, I have a different theme every month, but on my Jayne account I use the same pink-ish 1977 filter because this is the color she was commonly associated with. You can search for different pics and make edits, or it can be as simple as using the same filter. Have fun, be creative, and don't stress over it too much.

vsco, filter, and instagram image

8: Don't use someone else's account to try and gain a following.

Having a copy/paste comment that says "I'm an [insert whatever here]. Follow me!" could get you blocked, or reported for botting/spam. Just interact with other fans in a civil, polite way. People will notice, and they'll come your way.

9: Accept your mistakes, and learn from them.
Every once and a while, a fact will be wrong. If someone corrects you, politely acknowledge your mistake. Mistakes happen to everyone. At least an incorrect caption is an easy fix.

10: Don't stress over it.

Running an account isn't as important as studying for exams or spending the day with a friend. Don't feel obligated to make several posts in one day ("Quality over quantity", as they always say). If I know I'm not going to post for a while, I usually leave my followers a note so they're aware of what's going on. Your followers won't feel betrayed if you take a break, and they'll anticipate your return.

If you have a small account, don't get discouraged or feel intimidated. A lot of larger accounts are willing to talk to you and some will give you encouragement. If someone is rude, move on respectively and quietly. I typically delete negative (non constructive) comments because they're not worth my time. Treat people with kindness, make some friends, and enjoy yourself. Good Luck. :)