The history of Kpop if full of amazing groups, but what about rookie groups? This is a list of 4 monster girl groups that will become the queens of the new generation!

4 - Gfriend

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Is a six-member South Korean girl group formed by Source Music in 2015. The group consists of Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and Umji. They made their debut with the EP Season of Glass on January 16, 2015. GFriend won several 2015 female rookie awards and has garnered momentum since their debut, despite coming from a small company.In 2016, they continued their success with their third EP Snowflake and won first place on many music shows with the title song "Rough". They released their first full-length album LOL in July 2016. On February 23, 2017, Source Music announced that GFriend is set to make a comeback on March 6. On February 27, 2017, it was revealed that their fourth EP will be titled The Awakening with the title track "Fingertip". The Awakening global pre-orders exceeded 100,000 copies, which is higher than their past album LOL at 60,000. Additionally, the album also debuted at No. 5 on Billboard's World Album chart.

3 - Red Velvet

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Is a South Korean girl group formed by S.M. Entertainment. The group debuted on August 1, 2014, with their digital single "Happiness" and with four members: Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy. In March 2015, Red Velvet added a fifth member, Yeri, to the group. Since their debut, Red Velvet has experienced notable success and recognition. Their first EP, Ice Cream Cake, topped the Gaon Album Chart in early 2015. Similarly, the group's first full-length album The Red (2015) and the extended plays The Velvet, Russian Roulette, both released in 2016, and Rookie (2017) all peaked atop the Gaon Album Chart. Additionally, The Red and Rookie also topped the Billboard World Albums, and with the release of their fifth EP The Red Summer (2017), they became the K-pop girl group with the most number-one albums on the chart.They have received several awards for music, choreography, or popularity, including the Golden Disc New Artist Award and the Melon Music Award for Best Female Dance in 2015. On February 1, 2017, Red Velvet released their fourth mini album, Rookie. The EP contains six tracks including the title track "Rookie" and a solo by Wendy entitled "Last Love". The album topped the Weekly Gaon Album Chart as well as the Billboard World Albums Chart. The group took their first music show win for "Rookie" on The Show on February 7, followed by wins on Show Champion, M Countdown, Music Bank, and Inkigayo. On March 31, the group released the first single for SM Station 2, titled "Would U". On July 9, Red Velvet released their summer EP The Red Summer with the title track "Red Flavor", which marked their first summer release. The EP was a commercial success, once again topping the Gaon Album Chart and the Billboard World Albums Chart, making it their third no. 1 which sets the record for most no. 1 albums on the chart by a k-pop girl group. Additionally, "Red Flavor" debuted atop the Gaon Digital Chart and Gaon Download Chart with the other four songs also charting in the Top 50 of the Digital Chart

4 - BlackPink

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Is a South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment. The group consists of four members: Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé. They became the first girl group that debuted under YG Entertainment in seven years after 2NE1, with their debut single album Square One released on August 8, 2016 with "Whistle" and "Boombayah". The two title tracks charted at number one and two on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart, and Black Pink are by far the fastest act to do so and the third Korean artist or group to hold the top two positions after Psy and Big Bang. "Whistle" topped the digital, download, streaming, and mobile charts on Gaon in August 2016.They also reached number one on the weekly, popularity, music video, and K-pop music video charts of China's biggest music-streaming website QQ Music. Black Pink's first music show performance was aired on August 14, 2016 on SBS's Inkigayo. They won first place on Inkigayo 13 days after their debut, and broke the record for the shortest time for a girl group to win on a music program after debut. Black Pink released their second single album Square Two with the lead singles "Playing with Fire" and "Stay" on November 1, 2016. "Playing with Fire" was their second single to hit number one on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart. Black Pink's successful debut year earned the group several awards for Best New Artist of the Year at major Korean award shows, including the Melon Music Awards, the Golden Disc Awards and at the Seoul Music Awards. Additionally, Billboard named them the second best new K-pop group of 2016. on May 17. The album's release date was later changed to August 30. On June 22, Black Pink released a new digital single titled "As If It's Your Last".The song debuted at number one on Billboard's World Digital Song chart dated June 22 after only one day of tracking, making it their third number one on the chart. Within 17 hours after release, the music video for "As If It's Your Last" gained more than 11 million views on YouTube, becoming the fastest music video to exceed 10 million views by a K-pop group, which broke the record previously held by BTS's "Not Today" of 10 million views within 21 hours. Furthermore, the music video became the second most viewed online video in the first 24 hours by a Korean act, with more than 13.3 million views within 24 hours after release, second only to Psy's "Gentleman".

1 - Twice

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Is a South Korean girl group formed by JYP Entertainment through the 2015 reality show Sixteen. The group is composed of nine members: Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. The group debuted on October 20, 2015 with the extended play (EP) The Story Begins. Twice rose to fame in 2016 with their song "Cheer Up" charted number 1 on Gaon Digital Chart and became the best-performing single that year. It also won Song of the Year in two major music awards shows, Melon Music Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards. Another song of the group, "TT" from their third EP Twicecoaster: Lane 1, claimed the top spot for four consecutive weeks. The EP was the highest selling K-pop girl group album of 2016, which sold 350,852 copies at year-end. Within 19 months after debut, Twice has sold over 1.2 million units of their four EPs and special album.On January 3, 2017, the music video for "TT" hit 100 million views, becoming the fastest K-pop group music video to do so and breaking Twice's own record previously set by "Cheer Up". Later in that same year, "TT" would also become the first video by a K-pop female act to surpass 200 million views. Twice released a special album on February 20 titled Twicecoaster: Lane 2, along with its lead single, "Knock Knock". It is the reissue of Twicecoaster: Lane 1. On May 1, Twice confirmed the release of their fourth EP titled Signal with the lead track of the same name produced by Park Jin-young. This marked their first collaboration with Park. The EP, along with the music video for "Signal" was released on May 15