We all want to shine and be different, not as everybody else (even if you are shy and hates changes). So if you are that kind of person who want to change, keep reading.

feel confident & believe in yourself

  • we can't start to change if we don't trust ourselves. THAT'S THE FIRST STEP.
  • feel confident when you walk, when you talk and even when you are alone.
  • believe in what you think & what you want. never, NEVER changes who you are.
  • trust in what you want for your life, what you want to become and in your dreams.

changing the outside


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  • keep your hair healthy and beautiful. wash it every two days, use hair masks and cut it every 4 weeks.
  • try lot of hairstyles. basic people always choose loose hair or picked up, so you have to try new styles to be different.
  • dye your hair. could be a little bit hard but you have to try it, change your hair color. on internet you can find lot of cute colors, and choose what you like!

clothes & outfits

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  • always wear outfits you feel comfort.
  • try to use all the styles you can! you will never know what fits you if you don't try everything.
  • wear clothes you love. doesn't matter if is dresses, skirt, jeans, jumpsuits, whatever.
  • find inspo in your fave social medias.
  • use clothes that nobody will use. if you want to leave that basic style, take a chance! don't be afraid (and if you are, think on first step).
  • always wear clothes of your size.

make up b ch

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  • always ALWAYS use moisturizing cream before make up (and after wash face)
  • try to always use rimmel.
  • put your eyebrows on fleck, literally always.

so baby hope you like it xx