There is no end to suffering.
In smaller scales like you or I,
in larger scales like world problems.

We work so hard to end suffering,
to help loved ones,
people dedicate their whole lives to the very idea of ending suffering,
but we can't really end it- the focus will just shift.

From day one, there is suffering.
surely we would have ended it by now- but we can't.

suffering is not a person, an object, a fixed concept.
it is a part of life.
you can't eradicate ageing,
you can't stop the disease,
you can't stop fighting.
as human beings, we need suffering.

we need to be reminded of what is good,
we need something to blame,
something to show us what to live for.

what's the point of living in a world with suffering?
well, what's the point in living in one without it?
Happiness can't exist without sadness,
love without hate,
we can't have good things without the shittiness in life.

We secretly want some form of suffering in our lives,
so we can work to eradicate it.
people commit suicide over it because they think it is not a part of life,
that this is only affecting them,
well, just maybe, they're wrong.