Writing fanfics is not easy. That's why I'm going to give you some tips on how to write them ♡

First tip:

Give attention to the synopsis of your history.
I know you may think it doesn't matter, but it does.
Most of the people that get into your fanfic, is because of the synopsis. If it doesn't have a good synopsis, I don't even read it.
(also, it was made a votation to know what attracts more the reader; the synopsis or the cover, and the most votated was the synopsis)

Second tip:

Write first, publish after.
This is one of the best tips. Make sure to write all of the chapters of your fanfic before posting it. I know it seems hard, but what if you run out of ideas and your fanfic gets on hiatus?

Third tip:

A trailer.
If you can, you can always make a trailer to your fanfic! If you don't know what a trailer is, here's an example;

Fourth tip:

Create the past of all of the characters, doesn't matter if it isn't the principal one, every character need a past, or a reason why they are like that (bad or soft).

Fifth tip:

Have good writing.
Use proper punctuation, details (do not overdo it so you do not get tired). All these things can make your text much more pleasant to read, if necessary look for synonyms to avoid repetition of words.

So that was it! I hope you enjoyed my tips ♡