Some time has pass since my last article so today i decided to share with you another piece of what im living and thinking these days.

As you can see in the quote of the image, there will ALWAYS be someone better than us (not in all aspects but yes in a few ones).

We can see the "you are better than me" in our daily lifes...
-Maybe our brother or sister is better with the school grades
-Maybe our friend is better getting to know new people
-Maybe a girl that is after my crush is more pretty
-Maybe the girl that sits next to me in class has better style or has more friends
Maybe, maybe , maybe...Yes i know, there are a lot of MAYBEEEEES

The point here is: we shouldnt compare ourselves with others. I mean, whats the point about that?I can assure you that if you search for your flaws you are gonna find thousands and thousands of them, and all of that for what? Do you feel better? Do you feel that now you are a person with high value?

NO. So stop doing it.

It okay to know in which areas you lack but its not okay putting this areas as they were the whole description of you.
And obviously, if the only thing that you compare about yourself with others are this lacking areas, let me tell you, you are gonna feel so destroyed.

So my advice to you is:
1 Dont compare yourself with others, specially your lacking areas.
2 If you arent looking at your flaws for becoming a better
person, then please dont do it.
3 Accept your flaws but also accept that you have a lot of attributes .

I know other people, for example your best friend, may have a similiar attribute but let me tell you this: You arent look as just a piece, you are not only kind or pretty, its the whole package of attributes what makes you special. I mean...Confidence+kindness+positivism its not the same as Confidence+Compassion+Responsability, or am i wrong?

Be proud of who you are, because who you are its perfect in its own way.

With love, Andrea.