Well-its september. Which means one thing for me: back to school. Here are some tips for how to get good grades on your end of year exams, and stay on top of your school work


I seriously cannot stress this enough. If you manage to get all your revision done early on, and make all your notes a few months before, it will make your life so easy when exams start.

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Take it easy. Start with an hour a day, and when that starts to feel too easy build it up. It sounds like alot but once you get into it,it will go so fast

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Put the phone away girl. You tell yourself ''ill just check it'' but before you know it, you've been browsing instagram for over 30 minutes. Drop all distractions and really just focus for an hour. It'll pay off

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Yes its important to study, but dont lose yourself in your books. Keep up with friends and your social life. Remember, its all about balance.

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