They say life doesn´t come with instructions. It´s true, it doesn´t. But in some way, life itself shows you how you should live life. Doesn´t make sense, or does it? Just think about it this way...

Nature. Just, stare at a tree for a while and think how small that tree was once. It all started with a seed, a tiny little seed that turned into a majestic tall oxygen giver. Just like nature, we gotta grow. It doesn´t matter if you start as a seed, if you start from the bottom, that shouldn´t stop you from becoming an entire forest. Just remember to water yourself when you´re thirsty and not expect others to do it for you. 

Sometimes it rains. Rain waters you. Sometimes, there are storms. They water you too. They wash away that old mindset that keeps you from evolving and becoming better. It´s just that sometimes, we need more than just rain to wash the old mindset away. 

The only thing that differentiates us from a tree is that they have roots, we have feet. They are bound to stay in one place and we aren´t. (Rachel Wolchin)

Sun comes next, then moon, then sun again and so on... The sun and the moon are so different and so beautiful in their own special ways. Someone else´s beauty doesn´t take away your own. 

You´ll meet roses. Unique, blooming, and screaming in color, but oh surprise... They have thorns. And that doesn´t make them less of a rose, just... a rose. 

If you look around and pay attention to your surroundings, life is showing you how you should live. Switch your focus to what moves you, what grows you…. And you´ll become the entire forest instead of just being a tree.