Hi everyone! My name is Bea and I wanted to tell you some facts about me to introduce myself a little bit ;)

~ I'm a 18 year old girl from Italy.
~ I study languages in high school.
~ Pizza is my bae ;)
~ I'm a fashion victim, obsessed with nail art♡ and my dream is to attend design/fashion university.
~ I love nature and animals.
~ When I'm not whit my friends, I love to stay home watching TV series. My favourites are Supernatural, Queer as folk, Dr House, Modern Family, Game of thrones and Orange is the new black. :)
~ Music helps me relax.
~ I believe in equality for everyone and I dream a world full of love and peace.
~ I love We heart it and I'm very thankful to all my followers :)

If someone is interested can also find me on
Instagram (@beatrice_matulli),
Facebook (https://m.facebook.com/beatrice.matulli?ref=bookmabrks) and YouTube (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vmGC4Gw8GYY)
Musically (@beabea.99)