I just wanted to share my bucket list on here for you guys to read. I didn't include everything because if I did, the list would've been twice as long. I hope you enjoy scrolling through and maybe even find something you might like to try!

My bucket list:

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  • Travel to the US
bungee jump image
  • Go bungee jumping
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  • Go to Disneyland/world with my best friends
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  • Travel to London
christmas, winter, and new york image
  • Spend Christmas in New York
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  • Go to Coachella
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  • Lay on a roof and watch the sunrise
city, new york, and Central Park image
  • Go for a run in Central Park
paris, couple, and travel image
  • Eat in the Eiffel Tower
cake, delicious, and rose image
  • Bake a rainbow cake
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  • Go on a carnival date
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  • Go paint balloon darting
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  • Let go of a floating lantern
bucket list, trampoline, and water image
  • Jump on a water trampoline
girl, teddy bear, and bear image
  • Receive a huge teddy bear
autumn, fall, and leaves image
  • Own a Polaroid camera
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  • Attend a concert by my favorite artist
friends, car, and summer image bffs, hipster, and summer image
  • Roadtrip across the US
Barcelona, spain, and bucketlist image
  • Visit Barcelona
home, interior, and design image
  • Have my own apartment
alone, landscape, and mountains image
  • See the Grand Canyon
australia, city, and new year image
  • Spend New Years in Sydney
adrenalin, adventure, and adventures image
  • Zipline
love, hands, and colors image
  • Have a paintball fight
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  • See a show on Broadway
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  • Go on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London