Hello Hearters, in today's article I came to make some complaints and give some ideas. I will give my opinion on the current WHI, and some things I would like them to change. I ask that if you agree with me on anything, please leave your heart. So who knows, it comes to the CEOs.
And that's just my opinion, okay?

*What could change?*

"I'm not interested" button

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Whenever I enter the WHI, it opens the main page, and many things I don't like, and I never even liked it to appear as 'inspirations'.

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Things in other languages, and that are irrelevant to me.

"I'm interested" button

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I think this would help a lot the team that develops the site. So they could see what we like, and what to see, and just put it on our main page.

An area for articles only

When you look at the top of your WHI, you see: Home, Discover and Inspirations.

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And should have "Articles" too.

As much as I enjoy the articles, I think everything is very messy. In the app, right at the beginning, you see a part written "articles", and just below the pictures. But in the computer version is all mixed!

And sometimes when I go to search something, in the search box,

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appears more articles than photos!

And I'm here for the photos, not the articles. And yes, I already said, I like the articles, but there are people who don't like it. And I know that is still an idea that is developing, but we will not lose the essence of the site. <3

A tanned counter

On our canvas we have: Hearts, Collections, Posts, Following, Followers.

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And it should have "Likes".

Any hearts you receive in the photos you send, or re-hearted from someone else, should be counted in your profile. Not much use, I know, but it would be really cool to see how many people have enjoyed all of your photos in total.

Medals for conquered feats.

"You got a medal of 100 hearts in a photo", "You got a medal for having made 20 collections inspiring".

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I'm not talking about the Heartist starlet you win at the end of the year, but it's all done year-round. *Inspiring profile*

Photos of other sites or their files should open in the articles!


I had to take a screenshoot of my computer, and put it here in the WHI to be able to appear. Needless to say it sucks, right?

life, adventure time, and sucks image

_And end! _

That's all I thought about this article. This is just my opinion as a user of WHI, and changes that I think would be good for all other users.
If you have some idea and think it would be good to add in my article, please send it to my postcards, and if it's good I'll add it.

You can also say anything else in my postcard if you just want to talk...
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_P.S.: Thank you for taking time out of your life to read my article._