What you need:
- long hair
- good outfits
- fun

how to act:
- dont let people talk bad about you
- love your friends
- smile
-care about Pets
- go with your best friend´s out like cinema,concerts or to shopping

how do your make up:
- not full coverage foundation
- make your eyebrows but not so much
- bronzer your cheeck bones
- a litlle bit eyeshadow just a light tone
- eyeliner
- highlight under your eyebrows and your cheeck
- just put on your lips a pink tone

-make a high ponytail
- if you didnt have so long hair use ponytail extencions
- a little bit hairspray

- wear light clothes like legings or something
- oversize hoodies
- girly clothes
- sneakers or boots or heels

what to eat:
- vegan
- mutch fruits
- water
- starbucks drinks like iced caramele macchatio with soya milk

i hope you like it u dont must do all this was some tipps

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instagram: ari.sel.fanpage
youtube: lean´s life