This is the most difficult part when you need to think how to start the text and what you need to tell other people who read this first time,
I'm fifteen years old girl from Finland and right from the start I want to say that where ever you live and you need a human or friend to hear your problems or happiness you can always come to me and tell what you have in your heart, you can always trust me and I promise that I will always listen you,
but now in the text...

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I have told this earlier in another article, but I'll tell it again because it relates to what I am going to write. I found this summer some wonderful and unique friends and they live around the world some closer and some far a way, but they will always be in my heart and i miss them every seconds.
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and I told this because I did not know them at all first, but after about three days we opened up each other as we already knew a lot of longer and today they are everything to me, and I want to share them with my joys and sorrows.
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Before them I always think that I will never find a boyfriend but now I don't even need a boyfriend because I have friends who loves, cares and they will never broke my heart.
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In the end before I stop writing this I hope you are too having friends who loves, cares and respect you and they meant to you and you meant to them world and you miss them so much that your heart is going to explodes every time when they smile to you.

thank you for reading this(:
I hope you all the best and if you have not yet find the friend who meant to world to you, hi/she is some where waiting for you!

With love, Lisbetti