Is your suitcase over the weight limit or do you have a huge coat that does not fit in your bag? Then you should probably wear that at the airport. Travelling with a 10kg suitcase has taught me a lot when it comes to packing. But the most important thing I have learned is that if you do not have enough space left in your suitcase or if you are wayyy over the weight limit then your airport outfit should consist of your heaviest and thickets clothing.

Check the weather. Where are you leaving from and where are you going to? When I leave Cyprus to go back to England I usually wear a simple t-shirt and wrap a jacket around my waist because I will need that when I land. If I know the jacket will not keep me warn enough, I also add in my backpack a sweater or a cardigan to put on when I get cold. If for example you are travelling to a really warm destination, do not wear at the airport a huge coat because it will just be a pain and one more thing you will have to carry everywhere. My best piece of advice is to pick out an outfit that you can layer and that way you will never get too cold or too warm.

Wear comfortable shoes! Travelling always comes with a lot of walking and sometimes running too, when you are trying to make it on time for your flight. I personally prefer trainers as I find them both cute and comfortable. If you are travelling somewhere really warm then I think flip-flips or sandals are a great option too. If you are more of a high-heels kind of woman then I say go for it but just make sure you wear a comfortable pair. If you wear boots just keep in mind you will have to take them off at security check.

When I pick out my airport outfit I try to find the closest thing to pyjamas. In my opinion, wearing a mini denim skirt at the airport is not a good idea. Do you really want to be on a 5hour flight with your legs crossed for the whole journey? Wear a pair of leggings or yoga pants and if you want to look more put together then wear a pair of stretchy jeans or a maxi dress/skirt if it is weather appropriate (but make sure it is a good length because if it is too long you will have to hold your dress on one hand and your suitcase on the other and that is just not convenient).

My final tip for picking out your airport outfit is to make sure you wear something YOU feel comfortable in! Even if it means you will look like you are actually wearing pyjamas. It is perfectly okay if you will feel good in them. check out the blog post for more pictures.