your pale skin and blue eyes
your naked body lying next to mine
smoking your exported cigarettes

music plays in the background as we are in a grungy romantic scene
u hold me with apathy in your arms
and im afraid
afraid i might lose u
cause when you are me nothing really is permanent
and ive made my peace with that'

u make my heart quiet and my mind race
and im afraid

u are so special
at least to me

id love to read the world to u
keep u hidden in my heart
maybe in my mind

and promise me that u wont go away
and if u do
promise you'll keep me hidden in the corners of your hapiness
in the songs that you'll listen
every time you hear my name

but until then
hold me in your hands and kiss me
cause baby everyone leaves
but i want u to stay
in this bed with me
smoking your cigarettes