hi! it's oscar, this is a preview of a book i'm currently writing on wattpad. i'll leave a link at the end!


in nightfall

⠀I stood wistfully, anxiously, watching the lights pass me overhead. my feet were carrying me faster than i could cope with, each step shaking the ground holding me steadily. i didn't like planes; but i had to take my risks for him. and, a part of me felt too out of control. before i could answer to my rushing thoughts i was walking up the steps and finding my seat.

⠀it was a 6pm flight, and it wasn't too crowded to my relief. it was also out of season; completely on impulse to go and see him. i missed him; with every ache in my chest and throat, burning me from the inside out. my heart hurt.

⠀i was alone in my row of seats at the window; however there were quite a few people scattered around. Oliver booked the flight for me; and said he'd wait for me there. he mentioned a girlfriend, how much she meant to him too, but i didn't ask what that meant about us.

⠀i hated take off. the feeling of being glided into the dusk was frighting, up there in the clouds i'd casually stare at from the to time. the only bit i liked; i felt as if i was dipping into a painting, humming a moonlight densetsu to calm the voices in my head. i was swimming in the technicolor skies, and each racing heartbeat slowly calmed as i watched the clouds roll by casually, as if nothing had happened at all.


i hope you enjoyed it!

read; https://www.wattpad.com/story/115620426-bodyache

- oscar