Hello, dear people!

When you think about this quote, it can be actually transferred to many more similar ones. For example: "Another person's success isn't the absence of your own success." I think I'm just gonna talk about these two.

We are all different. We live different lives, we have our own stories, our own personality, our own whatever. Nobody is the same. Not even identical twins are perfectly identical, they might also have different mindsets or a birthmark on another spot. :D

I've also had my phase; my phase, where I didn't like myself at all. Where I had acne and was bullied for it. I covered my whole face with make-up, then I was bullied for wearing too much make-up. Where I was so self-conscious that I developed social anxiety which in lighter forms I'm still having and fighting against. I'm afraid to ask people things, I'm afraid to talk to people because I think I would annoy them or that they aren't interested in me anyways.
I'm still having these struggles. But oh man... at these times, we have to remind ourselves that we shouldn't give one single fuck what others might think. Sometimes we even have to shut down our own mind, when thinking we are not pretty, not good, not successful enough. WE ARE. motivational speech alert You don't have thick long hair? Fuck it, you still can ROCK your favourite hairstyle! You don't have a thigh gap? C'mon, we're not 12... or if you are, forget it. It's nothing that you should care about. You are beautiful just as you are, even if I'm a stranger to you and we don't know eachother, I know that you are. You are just as beautiful as the star or singer or actress you admire.

What about success? You can make and achieve the greatest things; but first, lemme take a... okay, no you have to believe in them, and especially in yourself. Wow okay, enough from motivational speech.

I just want to say, sometimes we have to get over ourselves. Appreciate yourself and the gifts you've got. Don't envy others for their looks or success. Appreciate your different looks from every other person. Appreciate your achievements, and work even harder to get the rest done! ;)

Thank you for reading, love you all! <3