• Hi guys here are some tips of how to make a good photography, hope u guys enjoy!
aurora borealis, blue, and purple image
  • Light, if you want to make the pic noticeable you should try to fit the lighting, if you are shooting in dark make sure to have some luminosity in the background and then to focus on the object of you are taking the photo.
girl, light, and photography image

* Blurry, like in the other pictures lighting can be a big part in blurry ones too, harmonization of lights can make you'r picture clearer and more focusing on object that you'r taking pic of. Here is the color much important too, like matching pastel with black and matching dark with illuminating ones.

aesthetic, blue, and city image
paris, light, and france image
colours, fairy lights, and lights image
aesthetic, girl, and inspiration image
  • Focus, when it's come to focus you can try to blurry the background like first take and try to blurry the object to another side so you can see which would make it the best and try to move it too get a better angle of the photo, because pic can be taken with so much more objects if you focus on the right spot
aesthetic, girl, and glasses image
paris, flowers, and rose image
hedgehog, autumn, and Halloween image
forest, green, and photo image
  • Full one, and here we have it, the pics where you are shooting whole object. In this pictures you are harmonizing and background and the object, and it's important to combine good colors, pastel can be pink and blue, pink and yellow or green, and make sure to get a good ankle and details are everything from leaves to flowers and little glasses with perfume and objects.
paris and flowers image
attraction, beautiful, and bigger image
clouds, sky, and water image
goals, Houses, and beauty image

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