So I've been struggling with acne since I was thirteen years old (three years now). At first it didn't really bother me at all, I had pimples mostly on my forehead and chin. I didn't really have a skin care routine or anything I was just living a happy child's life.

At 8th grade my acne got more severe but it wasn't really bothering me. We had a school doctor and the doctor asked me if the acne was bothering me and I said yes even though it wasn't. Then she told me to try Epiduo which is some kind of gel.
I started using Epiduo, at first it made my skin very dry and my skin kinda "burned". I still continued using it and it really helped. I used it about 7-9 months and my skin was clear... My skin was clear for about 2 months and it started to break out again.

This time my acne got even more severe and I started having acne also in my cheeks and chest. That's when it started to bother me. I became so insecure, I didn't want to go to school or hangout with my friends, because I thought that everybody is going to stare at my acne. I tried all the different skin care products that are supposed to help you to clear your skin. My skin just got worse and I kinda became depressed. I was told that cutting dairy would clear your skin so I cut out dairy but it didn't help. Then one day one of my friends told me that she had watched videos about some people telling about and how it cleared their skin. Girl, I didn't even think twice I just went on their page and ordered the acne regimen.
The regimen came with the cleanser, treatment and moisturizer. Honestly I didn't like the moisturizer so much but I loved the cleanser and the treatment. The treatment was so good, it made my skin so much better just in a month. Only minus was that it was really drying and I got some allergic reaction from it. It didn't stop me tho. It lasted me about 9 months and my skin became clear. I didn't have any bumbs or anything in my skin. I just had a little bit of scarring.

I know you're supposed to continue using the regimen, but it's expensive to order it in Europe at least here where I live so I just stopped using it. My skin was clear again for a month or two and it started to break out again. I didn't breakout that bad tho. I just got few bumbs on my forehead. As the time goes by I started to get more bumbs on my forehead and I start to get acne on my cheeks too. I wasn't ready to go through that same hell over again.

I started doing research and I see lots of people talking about African black soap and how it has helped them with their acne. I went to the store and bought it because I had to try it. At first it didn't do anything, but after few weeks of using it my skin is getting more clear. I don't have big zits anymore I just have little bumbs on my forehead, but I think they are coming from stress. So yeah, currently my acne is better because of the ABS, and I'm so happy. I still need to add some things in my skin care routine to get my skin fully clear and glowy.

I wanted to write about this because I know there is lots of people at the moment struggling with acne and are very insecure because of it. I just wanna tell you guys it's completely normal and you shouldn't feel like you are uglier or worse than anyone else. Live your life to fullest regardless if you have acne or not. Learn to love your self and your flaws, Life is too short to be holding back on something because of acne or some other stupid thing. I know it's hard I've been there, but when you're older you don't want to regret not doing something because you was worrying about your acne.

Ps. English is not my first language so I'm sorry about the spelling mistakes.