When a girl or guy has a crush on there's only one way to find out.

- Laughs at all of your jokes.
- Smiles at you constantly.
- Speaks to you every single day. (just simply a hi)
- Show you off or introduces you to his/her friends.
- Invites you to an event they're attending or having.
- Looks cute everyday just for you.
- Flirts constantly.

When a guy/girl likes you or you like them don't be nervous or timid to talk to them.
Start off slow with just a simple smile or wave.
Then start to move a little faster by saying hi to them in person.
Move a bit more faster by introducing that guy/girl to your friends when they come to talk to you.
Now finally, score the person taking them out on a date on just simply asking them for their phone number.

-Throw the guy a quick giggle while the conversation is going good.
- When he tells you a joke laugh, but not uncontrollably.
- When you feel the need to blush when he flirts with you brush your hair behind your ear so he can see it when you do blush.
- When he asks you out on a date don't make it noticeable that you've been waiting for him to ask you out just plainly a "sure" and a smile will do.
- If he asks you for your number instead write it down on a piece of paper and stick it in his pocket or take his phone (of course ask him for his pin his he has a passcode) and put your number in his phone yourself. (make sure you while off with a smile afterwards and turn back and look at him without bumping into someone)