The best days of my life.This is the place where I felt at peace with myself. I went there for only 4 days with one of my best friends. I can truly say this city is one of the best in Romania. I made a list with the best things I experienced there.


Beautiful old buildings full of history and details. Also a lot of museums to visit.

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Coffee Shops

What I love about them is that every one of them is unique and has a story to share. Those make you so cosy, you never want to leave them. I was so excited every time I entered one of them.

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Ok. I think you got it.


A beautiful collection of plants, not just from Romania, but from all around the world.

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Delicious donuts

I could barely stop eating them. These are my favourite donuts. I would eat them every day.They have all kinds of toppings to choose from. I can't say I have a favourite one, because I love all of them.

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Demmers Teehaus

My personal favourite tea shop. Here I had my first Matcha latte. I loved it. The soy milk made it milder.

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After that I purchased a box of Matcha cookies and I can say that those are my favourite thing right now.

If you are planning on going to Cluj-Napoca, I suggest looking for this things. I promise you will not regret it.